What are fO2 sensors?

fO2 are internet connected sensors that will monitor your aquaculture environment, providing you with a real-time updates to your device.

Our sensors enable you to:


Accurately monitor your aquaculture environment and obtain an instant overview of conditions.


Make better decisions based on real-time data feeds and analysis.

Sleep well

The fO2 instantly notifies you by phone whenever a measured value exceeds a defined threshold.

What we measure

Thanks to the modular design you can choose from a range of sensors and probes which will best fit to your application.

A wide selection of sensors allows you to measure your key business parameters and let you adjust the price to your budget.

Example probes: temperature, humidity, dissolved oxygen saturation and concentration, pH, salinity, redox. ions (Ca2+, NO3-, Cl-).
In addition you can monitor other machines' continuity of work continuity.


fO2 monitors your environment 24x7, and will alert you when there is a problem. Define your thresholds and business rules for when you need to be notified.

Hi, this is automatic notification system. We detected low oxygen saturation in fish pond number seven. Current water temperature is 13.4 degrees.

When your infrastructure devices broke…

…fO2 detects thread level…

…and instantly notifies you.


Unlocking your environmental data allows you to make smarter decisions.

Access to advanced data analysis and a correlation engine allows you to introduce more optimizations.

Online monitoring lets you react to unexpected environmental conditions changes, decreasing risk and the cost of accidents.

How to use fO2?

Unbox your fO2 sensor.

Place the probe where you want to monitor

Get real-time updates to your device.

Our sensors are:

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